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About Me


My Beginnings

I've drawn and painted since I was young. It was a way to help me observe the world we live in more closely, and to express my appreciation of what is around us. Plus, let's face it, making art was more fun than joining chess club or getting a paper route!


My Favorite Work

One of my favorite contemporary artists is Jane Bloodgood-Abrams.  Her work inspired me to learn more about the Hudson River School art movement. This charcoal & carbon piece ("Arbor Augustus") of my favorite tree on our farm, isn't meant to look like a JBA painting, but is my stab at capturing the beauty and wonder of nature. 


My Life Today

My other great nature-based passion, in addition to landscapes, is animal life.  I've drawn and painted everything from friends' dogs and cats to sheep on a farm in upstate to New York to elephants from a safari in Africa.  The finest compliment I ever received was from a friend who said my painting of her newly adopted one-eyed kitten captured the cat's soul.

The Animals


From New Castle, NY

From New Castle, NY

Nancy's Kittens

From Murray Hill, NY

 From Murray Hill, NYC


Lambie, from Pigasso Farm

From Pigasso Farm, Copake NY

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